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Countdown Issue #50 (2007) -Video Review- Featuring The Joker

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Jimmy Olsen is on the case! As he investigates the death of Joker's Daughter he meets Red Hood, with some special help from Superman. Then while in Arkham he finally meets The Joker Himself! Check out my review of Countdown #50! My review of Countdown #51: Visit Us on Facebook: Legal: Fair Use Buzzwords: The Joker, Cat Woman, Harley Quinn, Duela Dent, Superman, Jimmy Olsen, Count Down, Final Crisis, Comic Book Review, Super Hero, Super-Heroes, Batman, Bruce Wayne, Justice League, JLA, JSA, DC Comics, Supergirl, Clark Kent, The Flash, Green Arrow, Robin, Mister Miracle, New Gods, Darkseid, Madam...
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