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Anime in 2019

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Read the manga/light novel source material of some 2019 Anime digitally on BOOKWALKER here: ※Use coupon code GIGGUK for 600JPY off! If you think this video is late you obviously haven't been watching me for long enough Patreon: Anime Mentioned - Isekai: Shield Hero Sword Art Online Kenja no Mago Isekai Quartet Music: Carole and Tuesday Trash: Mahou Girl Spec-Ops Asuka (Magical Spanking) Wz Seven Deadly Sins Nobunaga's Young Bride Arifureta Domestic Girlfriend Assasins Pride Slice of Life/Romance: Oresuki Hensuki Fruits Basket Quintessential Quintuplets Senko-San Kaguya-Sama How Heavy Are The Dumbells You Lift?! Beastars Heavy Hitters: Mob Psycho...
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