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coldrain - SEE YOU (Official Music Video)

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Official music video of ʻSEE YOUʼ from coldrainʼs latest album “THE SIDE EFFECTS” all footage from THE SIDE EFFECTS JAPAN TOUR 2019 captured by Dajo Eberlei Directed and Edited by Dajo Eberlei Download, Stream “SEE YOU”&THE SIDE EFFECTS” NOW: < WORDS > living in a haze 残された日を数えながら counting down the days 霞んだ道を行く acting like thereʼs nothing taking over 何にも動じてないフリをして staring down the drain また今日も洗面台に向かう taking anything to help me sleep away the pain また眠りさえすれば辛さは半減する said I wanna go everywhere 何処へでも行きたい said I wanna see everything 全てこの目で見たいと言ったけど but honestly Iʼd give anything 正直今は何よりも *If only I could see you...
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