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Was Batman: Three Jokers Worth the Hype?

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Was Batman: Three Jokers Worth the Hype? #BatmanThreeJokers #Batman #TheJoker #Batgirl #RedHood #DeathInTheFamily #BatmanKillingJoke #DCComics #ComicBooks In this topic video I discuss if the three issue mini-series Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok's Batman: Three Jokers was worth the hype. Thirty years after Batman: The Killing Joke changed comics forever, Three Jokers reexamines the myth of who, or what, The Joker is and what is at the heart of his eternal battle with Batman. New York Times bestselling writer Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok, the writer/artist team that waged the “Darkseid War” in the pages of Justice League, reunite to tell...
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